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Smart cinema solution: Eureka smart 2.0

Cập nhật ngày 27/01/2016

The system provides staff administrators and accountants of enterprises with the ability to execute sales job more efficiently. The system helps to avoid mistakes and increase operational flexibility for each task

Electronic Invoice

Cập nhật ngày 29/02/2016

A single solution to meet all your customers’ e-invoicing requirements: Basware’s e-invoicing services integrate with your existing billing processes, providing you with one access point from which to send all your sales invoices electronically.

Publlic Key Infrastructure CA

Cập nhật ngày 24/02/2016

Data and documents existing in electronic format can be protected using authentication, i.e. generating electronic signatures and timestamps. NAB product family is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), a standard and widely popular technology of electronic signatures.