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NAB Data Integration Solutions Company Limited

The world needs outstanding developers.

Whether it's in the form of search engines, social networks, mobile phones, or self-driving cars, software is all around us – and it's truly amazing. We simply can't wait to see what exciting new technology the next generation of programmers is going to build.

We help programmers get their dream jobs.

NAB is the definitive resource for mastering technical interviews. The site is packed with content that we've been using for years, but are releasing to the world at large for the first time. And it's free - as infree beer.

NAB is Home To:

·  Since in 2014, NAB company is an information technology startup company in Vietnam. Over research process, internal promotion and employees’ creativity, we have been applying Quality Control Standard of software production and International Information Security Standard.

·  The company generates outstanding specialists in software production and information security field. We have many specialist in strategic consulting data encryption and information security solutions, has been cooperating with the National Electronic Authentication Center (NEAC) - Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) to build solutions for dedicated CA(s) which is the infrastructure for information security and electronic authentication in Vietnam.

· NAB company also has strategy of co-operation and development for common objectives of national information technology growth and combines natural strengths to become a solid and steady unit. All of these bring company’s management team breakthrough thinking, contributing to bright orientation to the company’s development