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Euraker CMC Software

Eurekar CMC was completed based on advanced technology of protecting information encryption confidentiality according to international production processes to create differentiation and professionalism, developing national e-government platform.

Eurekar CMC is currently an unique cinema management software project that was totally made in Vietnam. It has been built according to international standards and certified the quality by Deloitte international audit firm. 35% of Vietnamese cinemas have trusted and used this product is our first step success.


The system provides staff, administrators, accountants of enterprises with the ability to execute sales job more efficiently. The system helps avoid mistakes and increase operational flexibility for each profession.

Includes the main functions:


§   Ticketing: Staffs are allowed to participate and proceed ticketing through the system.

§   Selling popcorn: Staffs are allowed to participate and sell popcorn through the system.

§   Bookings: Systems helps customers buy tickets online.

§   Viewing movies: Support customers in film information when booking online.

§   Tickets data management: support staffs in ticket quality controlling in each screening, staffs can update the information of movie tickets for each screening.

§   Screening room management: Support screening room management staffs in managing all of the screening room. Include: screening room code, screening room type, screening room status, and screening room equipment, the seat, seat arrangement and changing screening room.

§   User Management / permission: added by the system administration.

                                                                                                           The system Design

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